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This blog's meant for my 'revamping' works; I like redoing my old art once in a while (and if I can get permission, other people's artworks too)



Hi. I'm an idiot who likes to try things.
I like listening to music & singing. I listen to a lot of rock bands.

Oh and I also draw.

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I felt like redrawing one of Myoo89's old artworks from back when we were in college... I think this was from 2009 Myoo89 Chocoreaper
She drew both of us in a lot of plaid (tbh not enough plaid lol) We were probably digging inspiration in this drawing. She's chilling listening to music while I'm beside her either doodling comics or writing song lyrics.

What if I draw something that would be the continuation of her drawing... what if one of us noticed something & we had to momentarily break from our chilling time to gaze at something?
Meteor showah1

Our hairstyles probably have changed a bit, not drastically, so I drew us with our hairs now but the same clothes from the original artwork. Added a gradient starry night sky with meteor showers probably... and a brief flash of whatever that thing is in the sky. I was too immersed on writing lyrics in here & Tina had to point it out for me.
Meteor showah
Just this year I was back at working in this company and they wanted me to redo their title card/ads, which was previously done by the previous graphic designer Sar Khadra [view her works here]. Initially I though they were already good enough cuz they're not like a typical Bruneian ad, the designs had class, so I was confused on how to renew them.

I did it anyway. Kept the circles and minimalistic lines, but just... umm added a splash of color palette.

Comparing the two sets, Faye told me it's clear that Sara and I have different color palettes. Hers is more two-color monochromatic while I'm more of different swatches in a series of monochromatic colors.
24 Slideshow

I feel guilty by just posting an entry about this.

The reason why is because I was having one of those "this-website-has-something-awesome-so-why-not-that-website" days and this reason doubles as trying out something I've never done before. One day I came across Elina Rubuliak's awesome portfolio and some of her works caught my eye, including the Formspring Slideshow. Since I'm on due to ( shutting down) and they say is sort of a blatant copy of Formspring, I took their similarities as an advantage.
But seriously, most (if not, all) credit goes to Elina R. (as written in the video description).

Most of the time I was just thinking about what to put in my slideshows based on this vs vs review I wrote last year (e.g. the 'smile' button vs the 'like' button, etc.)
Still, it would be awesome if has a slideshow of their own too, preferrably way different than this one.

This isn't exactly redoing someone else's artwork, rather than just merely copying someone's photo using another media.

So a friend of mine bought these Graphig figures from a toy vending machine somewhere.

Yep, he has those in real life. They look pretty cute too and I just had to make some based on my OCs, Seattle & Lightninggrass. Since I'm too lazy to cut paper, cover them with transparent tape and find the material for the chains to make ones for myself, I thought i'd just make 3D models in Cinema 4D instead. I've just gotten addicted to it recently too.

At this point I haven't figured out how to make the chains drop down. Adding dynamic body to both chains and body would just make the dolls fall through the floor (but not the chains). So that's when I decided to just join the cloner tool containing the little spheres to a spline I drew and made it look like a limp piece of string.

And voila.

After adjusting the lighting, adding more background items and putting on a lot of materials on them, here are my final renders.
Lightning n Seattle paperdolls II
Lightning n Seattle paperdolls III
Lightning n Seattle paperdolls

I tried making the reflection on their surface look shinier, but for some reason I can't, though their materials are already set to a standard amount of reflectiveness.
This will do, for now.
In this case it's not redrawing. It's re-answering.

I sort of saw this question in ask-the-odd-couple-from-asgard

...and had to answer that question myself for no reason

BECAUSE. IRON MAN. BECAUSE HE'S A PRANKSTER when he's not a drunk playboy LOL.