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This blog's meant for my 'revamping' works; I like redoing my old art once in a while (and if I can get permission, other people's artworks too)



Hi. I'm an idiot who likes to try things.
I like listening to music & singing. I listen to a lot of rock bands.

Oh and I also draw.

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Category : Animation

Old idea from an old comic from 2010... decided to animate it now cuz finally I'm unemployed (SOMEBODY HALP T~T ) and have plenty of time to do some animation & bring some of my comic ideas to life.

The idea here is a very surreal animation with fireflies, leaves & other nature stuff getting in action. Once the title card is shown it'll make the cueless watchers realize that everything suddenly clicks. It's a tampon commercial (and a very WTF one).

Also, someone should make this thing for real in the future. Imagine a jelly-like tampon (non edible though) that absorbs blood like a normally-functioning tampon, but will have the texture, feel and smell of jelly. It'll be flexible as hell when plopping in & plopping back out if it's done absorbing blood. Convenient (also perfect for making your friends freak out).

Tampudding titlecard

Category : Animation
[Play in high quality]

Copycatationery ident animation

Considered a revamp because I was revamping a cover design of a made-up magazine I used 3 years ago in Screen Design class. (I actually came up with the name when I was 10)

The logo in the cover wasn't clean enough since I drew everything in pencil and just lazily edited everything in photoshop, applying the multiply blending mode to color. In here I sorta tried making everything neater, since some of them had to be vectorized anyway.
Category : Animation
After a bunch of times seeing this Oreo commercial, I had the urge to make another short animation based off of it, but with a weirder Oreo flavor, and it's gonna be a parody.

Click to see full size

After the comic is done, sometime later I recorded my sister's & cousin's voices and began animating. Firstly the vector graphics are drawn in Illustrator & later Toon Boom is used for animating. Add a little music in GarageBand and it's all done.

Iklan Oreo rasa Listerine

Alternate video link:

Though the result isn't as perfect, it's quite alright. I must've forgot to train my sister & cousin to enhance their acting skills a bit...
Category : Animation
Don't feel like writing this entry at all, but the reason(s) I did was because I wanted to test embedding an FC2 video inside an FC2 blog, and this is supposed to be categorized as "redoing someone else's work" but I refer to this one as an 'adaptation' instead.

Previously explained in my Blogger entry, this animation featuring Myoo89 has the same concept as Owl City's music video "To The Sky" though the song used is "Hurricane Streets" by Hey Monday.

If I may say, the concept of this animation is merely just a tribute to the original video-well not really, more like an adaptation, kinda like 30 Seconds To Mars' "The Kill" being inspired by The Shining. The whole recording studio thing, the projector screen, the reels, and then turning into an animal in the end. Yep, it's a little embarrassing but since a couple of years ago I thought it would be badass if one of my friends can actually do what Adam Young did in the music video, for the lulz. Thus, this animation.