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This blog's meant for my 'revamping' works; I like redoing my old art once in a while (and if I can get permission, other people's artworks too)



Hi. I'm an idiot who likes to try things.
I like listening to music & singing. I listen to a lot of rock bands.

Oh and I also draw.


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The characters featured are from a comic series called Le Gardenie, created by Ben Wong of COMIXO and Gempakstarz. It was one of my fave childhood comics and I did draw some fan art before discovering a scanner & mastering Photoshop completely.

The style is sort of inspired by artworks of a certain clothing like (whose name I can't remember) I saw in a magazine, the same magazine that featured this comic series. I was fascinated with the style, mainly the wings & the dripping effect, & one day decided to try drawing it out.

It looks kinda grungy, dark & emo-ish (cuz back then emo was still cool). I somehow like putting Orange (the main character) in the middle & surrounded with the 3 girls (who are main characters as well), with Kiwi being on top just cuz she's awesome and she's more like Orange's bro rather than a love interest, being his best friend. Apple & Lemon are on both his sides since he had crushes on both of them. Lemon has demon wings cuz she's the main antagonist of the series, while Apple... uhm... I think those are supposed to be angel wings. Kiwi has a halo, once again, just cuz she's awesome.

Unknown to me, I did sort of draw another drawing similar to this on my friend's book (and she still has it) so therefore this is the reference since I took a picture of the older one in my sketchbook with a phone camera.
For different versions, might as well go to my main art blog.


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