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This blog's meant for my 'revamping' works; I like redoing my old art once in a while (and if I can get permission, other people's artworks too)



Hi. I'm an idiot who likes to try things.
I like listening to music & singing. I listen to a lot of rock bands.

Oh and I also draw.


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Category : self-improvement
This was a drawing of the supporting characters in my old comic Blue Fairies. I didn't know there weren't any drawings of the Blue Fairies themselves as cards like these but that's just one less thing to redraw & it's all good.

bf goddesspinkheartchoco cards
I don't know why I want to show the revamped version first. Each card has a color scheme of its own, matching the characters' color schemes. And I sorta feel the roles given to them suits them. Goddess of Peace, though down-to-earth, looks like she's suited to rule a kingdom or something. The hardworking Pinkheart is shown as a normal citizen doing her daily routines, carrying little pink heart-shaped fruits like her namesake. And Chocoreaper.. well... I'm not sure who she's working for but she'd look like she wouldn't mind doing tougher chores like digging rocks for gems & such.
And may I add that to do the background behind the cards all I did was slap in a lot of photos of textures I've always had and adjust & played around with the blending modes? I just wanna experiment with those texture photos & wondered what they'd turn out like.

Here's what the cards look like standing straight next to each other, without the writings & all.
bf goddespinkheartchoco cards dijejer

Here's what the original pic looks like:

Blue Fairies - cards

Nothing practically changed, except for the fact that in the earlier drawing Choco has an axe instead of a hoe (a pickaxe is more acceptable though) but I made her hold a hoe in the revamp. Now that I rethought about it she should've been holding a spade instead. And the background was just plain tacky, all because I couldn't think of a good one that time, and all my energy had been drained & concentrated on the 3 cards, so I was too lazy.


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