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This blog's meant for my 'revamping' works; I like redoing my old art once in a while (and if I can get permission, other people's artworks too)



Hi. I'm an idiot who likes to try things.
I like listening to music & singing. I listen to a lot of rock bands.

Oh and I also draw.

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Category : self-improvement
Found this picture in my pictures folder. This was a drawing I did back in 2007, and I think it revolved around a joke with me & someone from deviantART and peeking someone else in the shower. I think by far this is kinda one of the creepiest pic (not to mention gay, cuz all three of us are girls) and I'm not exactly sure what was going on in this picture anyway, since it was years ago & I kinda forgotten about it. But I felt like this piece needs revamping. So yeah.

First off, the lineart. Tried to make it more creepy-looking since this drawing is already creepy & stalkerish. Aaaand reducing those huge freaky anime-eyes is also necessary.
Plus that broad smile that means 'winning' (and NOT in a Charlie Sheen way).

The coloring was fun. I tried to make the scarf & shower curtains more fabric-ish & velvety-looking. The cross-hatching on the lineart was the most tedious part, but eh, anyone can crosshatch. Just needed to make it finer.

The final product:

STILL VERY CREEPFUCKISH. If not, even more, despite looking cleaner & having finer lines. I did that transparent bit on the right side on separate layers btw.

I kinda don't remember WHY in the WORLD did I draw that kind of pic in the first place. But hey it's an old drawing anyway.


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