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This blog's meant for my 'revamping' works; I like redoing my old art once in a while (and if I can get permission, other people's artworks too)



Hi. I'm an idiot who likes to try things.
I like listening to music & singing. I listen to a lot of rock bands.

Oh and I also draw.

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Redoing one of my receipt recycle dumps, I picked the one with Ahrima & Gargul the Oracle cuz I sorta felt there's something going on (and the rest of the receipts seemed beautiful just the way they are), and "The Oracle" is one of my favorite Razia's Shadow songs.
Ahrima facing Gargul the Oracle (still giving Razia's Shadow some love here) Ive always imagined Ahrima would still be crying cuz of regret & gargul sort of approached him, glowing while telling the story of what will happen 100 years later.

The revamp:
In here I no longer use crosshatches cuz it's in full color, & not monochromatic like the receipt doodle. Plus I tried making the emotions deeper but I don't know how to. I sort of feel that colder tones are needed for this cold (and sudden warmth entry) scene but all my brain thinks about was the standard colors for these characters in the album art, complete with earthly tones. OTL

Razia's Shadow (c) Forgive Durden
So, found this sketch from a few years ago in one of my old sketchbooks

And decided to redo it.

This scene is from the opening of Cobra Starship's music video "Send My Love To The Dancefloor, I'll See You In Hell" with Gabe Saporta having a picnic with someone in a bunny suit, who turned out to be Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy) & freaked the hell outta Gabe.

Well since everyone that time has been talking about rabbits taking over the world, I put it there as the dialogue.
The characters featured are from a comic series called Le Gardenie, created by Ben Wong of COMIXO and Gempakstarz. It was one of my fave childhood comics and I did draw some fan art before discovering a scanner & mastering Photoshop completely.

The style is sort of inspired by artworks of a certain clothing like (whose name I can't remember) I saw in a magazine, the same magazine that featured this comic series. I was fascinated with the style, mainly the wings & the dripping effect, & one day decided to try drawing it out.

It looks kinda grungy, dark & emo-ish (cuz back then emo was still cool). I somehow like putting Orange (the main character) in the middle & surrounded with the 3 girls (who are main characters as well), with Kiwi being on top just cuz she's awesome and she's more like Orange's bro rather than a love interest, being his best friend. Apple & Lemon are on both his sides since he had crushes on both of them. Lemon has demon wings cuz she's the main antagonist of the series, while Apple... uhm... I think those are supposed to be angel wings. Kiwi has a halo, once again, just cuz she's awesome.

Unknown to me, I did sort of draw another drawing similar to this on my friend's book (and she still has it) so therefore this is the reference since I took a picture of the older one in my sketchbook with a phone camera.
2 years ago I tried helping Myoo89 design an evening gown based on a nautilus. The draft sorta looks like this
07-06-2009 09;43;50PM

Unfortunately she said the materials to make a dress like that are quite impossible to find around where we lived and if we do find them it's gonna be quite expensive to buy & quite difficult to actually make it. So it was cancelled. Heh, multimedia students ain't cut out for fashion design anyway.

But still, this is a great concept for an artwork & I decided to redraw this girl & her fab dress again, maybe holding a nautilus out of water & they're gonna be inside a classy room or something.


Sadly I can't make the room classy enough. And that lantern could just be what happened if a bunsen burner married a lava lamp.
Alright, so I've probably drawn this for over 2 years ago just because I was bored & felt like wasting some orange, yellow, peach & dark brown color pencils. Don't ask why the drum set has tentacles -__- and at one point there I realized the writing on the bass drum reads "Pahli" instead of "Phail" but that was just a design flaw.


Once again it's digitization time cuz I've been doing a lot of digitization lately. Heh. And I thought I can do more but seeing the condition now (pen pressure suddenly not working in the computer so I had to borrow my cousin's laptop cuz the pen pressure works there & I can't go there all the time) this was done in days.

I still need to add more textures, especially on the tentacles, but maybe later. Here are a few other versions cuz I was experimenting with the background, still comparing which one looks better.
phaildrumset2 phaildrumset3 phaildrumset4

(one of the backgrounds made by Putrithewicked