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This blog's meant for my 'revamping' works; I like redoing my old art once in a while (and if I can get permission, other people's artworks too)



Hi. I'm an idiot who likes to try things.
I like listening to music & singing. I listen to a lot of rock bands.

Oh and I also draw.

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Category : self-improvement
It's been raining ever since I got back to Jakarta and I was feeling briefly productive so I decided to do a little drawing… a revamp of my old deviant art ID from when I first joined dA.

Here it is. It featured either myself or an OC as a greenish vampire with wings. Yeah the lyrics are from Blink-182's "Down", slightly modified to make it sound like a response to said lyrics.

The Revamp:

I decided to copy some elements in Jump-Button's artwork Rainy Day. Pardon me if I did too much, and (s)he has every right to get credit :B
Category : self-improvement
This is a step-by-step of revamping the old Winx Club sketch into a wallpaper.

Main post is HERE

This is the old sketch I did in probably 2005 or 2006. I was gonna turn it into a wallpaper, but first…


Let's fix the lineart and positions of certain stuff, shall we?

And now the coloring begins

winx wallpaper
I might have a tad too much time on my hands :P
Category : self-improvement

Oh how this piece brought memories, eventhough it was only briefly. I was chatting with Putri on the phone that time, amidst talking about taking our favorite songs and using them as commercial jingles, giving a hilariously inappropriate effect.

It's not a very good piece of mine from back then, but making a revamp of it was a good try. Plus, I don't really like how this piece was drawn anyway, and that only the two of us were focused and how the other two up there looked kinda naked (but it was actually just the style of how the chibis are drawn). Revamp it is.

chocorii putriru denoreaper kurithewicked
Here they are:
Chocoreaper as Denorii
PutritheWicked as Kuriru (now Kurisquare)
Denorii as Chocoreaper
Kuriru as PutritheWicked

Our styles have changed now and we probably don't look like that anymore but I sort of taken the new styles from the 2008-2009-ish era. And as usual Denorii and Kuriru are still grouped together, but Putri and I have our own separate labels. Which we're not sure what it was.

chocorii putriru denoreaper kurithewicked uncolored
Lineart version, cuz I think it looks ok enough already without colors.

It's funny cuz I just realized this switcheroo was Indonesians vs Chileans
Category : self-improvement
A continuation of this revamp. This other picture is also done in 2011. Before the cups picture to be precise.

I'm using Blender this time because for the last 3D revamp I use Cinema4D. But still, I have no idea how to perfectly model the cream on top in Blender so I used Cinema4D to model them and the sprinkles. I exported said files as .3ds files but sadly the sprinkles don't turn out well when imported in Blender, so I had to ditch them. And for some reason I forgot to do the spoon.

They're staring to look pretty awesome. I love how the glasses look here, despite being a bid jagged on the inside eventhough I've already used the sub-surf modifier. Also, I tried making the patterns on the straw but they turned out distorted. Moving on to the environment. Lots of yellow and curtains. Not forgetting the ceiling fans.



Loving the shadows on the last bit.
Category : self-improvement

This was drawn in early 2011 back when I was in Jakarta getting ready for my final year in Limkokwing (moments before I go to Malaysia). I was in a total green & purple mood again so I drew this. The green cup was supposed to contain green tea while the purple one was containing poison disguised as grape juice or wine. Well maybe it's safe to just say it's wine/grape juice.

Back then I wasn't into 3D that much. We used 3DS Max, I wasn't a big fan of it but now I kinda miss playing with it. And now, since I've gotten in touch with Blender and Cinema4D I thought of redoing this pic in 3D. I used Cinema 4D R12 for this one. The original background was black but I wanted a brighter background so I choose light grey for the environment.

I felt like something was missing so I added a door and some round windows. And dimmed the lights a little. Finally, I gave a little sunset touch.