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This blog's meant for my 'revamping' works; I like redoing my old art once in a while (and if I can get permission, other people's artworks too)



Hi. I'm an idiot who likes to try things.
I like listening to music & singing. I listen to a lot of rock bands.

Oh and I also draw.

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I came across this picture of Campbell Soup dress on the internet one day, while looking for a dress based on (cuz Neko-Vi created dresses based on websites called Web on Vogue or something) and turns out, there's none. And I bumped into this. Now, this Soup dress from Campbell's Soup is for real, and this ad seemed to be from a magazine, if not a poster.

That moment I knew I was gonna redraw this picture and made a version of it.
And here we go.

Everything was easy except for the brainstorming part. Thinking up of what to write for those two paragraphs was fairly difficult, and it turned out not sounding that funny at all. But at least she's enjoying her like the girl above her is enjoying her Campbell's Soup. And the infamous infinite scrolling. OH YES. Soup is all about the art of scrolling.

This artwork is originally made by SHSN of Muslim-Manga. Thought I'd take up the challenge & try to redo it in my style (though still keeping the concept & anime-ish style since it is from Muslim Manga. At first I thought the textures could use more work, and the guy's hair needs fixing (cuz it got me thinking that was a girl without a hijab at first glance, before looking at the eyes). Still keeping the original colors while changing the font and the bubblewords.

allahuakbar copy

I only edited the text a bit, and though I did more on the background textures this time, I realized the previous textures, though looking kinda off, are quite perfect for the cartoony style. And my lineart seems too thin. Tried fixing the proportions too but I failed as usual.

Textures (c) remidica-stock, amptone-stock &
My good friend IliCarrieDoll made some chibis of her characters one day

For some reason they sorta remind me of my other good friend Myoo89's Tauhu Joe character sketches.

Being the dick I am, I told myself "IT'S COPYING TIME!" *ahem* it's revamp time~ or so it seems.
I've only did two of the characters (there's supposed to be more characters in Tauhu Joe series) 'cause I havent's had any reference of the rest yet. But anyways, here they are:

Tauhu Joe

Tauhu Joe Bitten

Daging Bob

Last may was my birthday and a good friend of mine, Ceruleanreaper drew me this picture as a pressent:
Happy Birthday You Moron

It's my character Chocoreaper as the Mad Hatter (following the 2010 Alice In Wonderland movie character design) complete with Cangkir as the teacup.

Without that drawing I wouldnt've been reminded to draw this myself. I sort of redid her drawing (well just drawing the same thing but based on her drawing) aaand it took me about a month or so.

We're all mad here after all

We're all mad here after all.